At Altin Camp & Park Hotel, there are many opportunities to spend your time. It is an ideal hideaway for slowing down. You can enjoy the sun and the pleasant sea breeze on a beach chair, or go and swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean; or read your book in the quiet shadowy areas and listen to the birdsong. Of course, you can connect with the big wide world via our free wifi.

Our bay is known for the "Poyraz" in summer, the north wind suitable for windsurfing. Inside the park there is a tennis court, which lies in the shadows of the trees in the morning and afternoon. A much-loved classic of Altin Camp & Park Hotel is the late-afternoon gathering for a round of beach volleyball.

The beach promenade towards Oren provides a pleasant backdrop for a morning round of jogging. Furthermore, there is also a ping pong table, a pool table and a TV lounge.

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