Region & Surroundings

  • Ören, a nice little village (500 meters)
  • Burhaniye, a typical Turkish, lively town (4 km)
  • Ayvalık, a coastal town with a historic city core, famous fish restaurants and picturesque islands (15 km)
  • Weekly street bazaars in Burhaniye (Monday), Edremit (Wednesday), Havran (Friday), Oren (Saturday)
  • Thermal baths in Güre (10 km)
  • Hiking in the national park Ida Mountains (20 km)
  • endless beach walking opportunities right at your doorstep

Archaeological sites:

  • Adramytteion (in Ören), small ancient harbor town (500m)
  • Assos (turkish: Behramkale), an ancient hill fort on the seafront, with spectacular views of the bay and islands (70km)
  • Pergamon (turkish: Bergama), significant Greek exclave of ancient times (80km)
  • Troy (turk.: Truva), commercial metropolis of the late Iron Age and stage of the Trojan War from Homer's "Iliad", including replica of the Trojan horse (110km)
  • Ephesus (turk.: Efes) metropolis of the ancient world and home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World (280km)

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